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Adv. Guy Segalovitch is the founder of Segalovitch & Co. and leads the firm's international law department. For years, Adv. Segalovich has served as the legal and professional link for Israeli representatives operating around the world, especially in Germany, and as a consultant for foreigners operating in Israel. His expertise lies mainly in real estate transactions.


Adv. Segalovitch has years of experience in the German legal sector. He is fluent in German and is familiar with its culture and negotiation strategies.


In addition to his broad legal knowledge, Adv. Segalovitch has unique perspective and insightfulness. He has a wide network of connections with prominent German figures and institutes, as well as the ability to resolve disputes and promote transactions in different legal fields.


These characteristics allow him to manage transactions, long-running cross-border projects and high-profile cases. He regularly represents clients in Israeli and German courts.


Other than German and international real estate transactions, Adv. Segalovitch also handles challenging projects and transactions in Israel and is involved in every phase – from the early stages of dealing with tax authorities and complex planning and construction issues, to the final stage of the transaction's registration.


Adv. Segalovich has gained vast knowledge working in leading law firms in Israel, specifically in the field of real estate and litigation. He also has extensive experience in managing court cases in civil and commercial courts, including fields such as infrastructure, receivership and liquidation, disputes and conflicts regarding matters of business and breach of contracts.


Adv. Segalovitch's clientele are leading Israeli organizations, for whom he serves as their legal advisor in ongoing disputes. It also includes private clients who operate locally and internationally, such as contractors and entrepreneurs.


Adv. Segalovitch also serves in the Israeli public sphere, as the legal advisor of the Institute of Engineers, Architects and Academics in the technological fields in Israel (the representative organization of engineers and architects).


Additionally, Adv. Segalovitch is a judge in the jurisdiction of the General Federation of Labor. He was certified as an Israeli notary in 2012 and serves as an arbitrator and mediator in Israel and in Germany.



LL.B, Tel Aviv University (2000).


LL.M, Tel Aviv University (2002).


B.A, Journalism, Tel Aviv University (2014).



A member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001.



Hebrew, English, German




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